Self Fusing Silicone Tape

10 responses to “Self Fusing Silicone Tape

  1. Air Logistics Corp is a manufacturer of fiberglass wrap for piping. We are looking for a tape that is capable of stopping a low pressure water leak on metal, pvc, and fiberglass pipes. The tape would then be over wrapped with our pre -imprenated fiberglass wrap. We also manufacture a line of epoxy impregnated wraps.

  2. Bennie W. Farris

    I have been looking for this tape at qiuite some time and can not even find it anywhere. I have found a scotch roll for free, although the person told me I could not get another roll. If you can let me know what site I could find this at I will gladly pay the price for its worth. I like the multicolors and I can go into more explaination if necessary. Please let me know where I can find this tape, so I can get my-son-law some before he leaves on the road again driving big rig. We are good folks believe it or not, just trying to make a living, just like yourself.

  3. I am looking for clear tape in the Denver area. Who sell`s it around here?
    Thanks, Russ Emick

  4. Place send an order form for the self sealing silicone tape.

  5. You can go directly to and purchase the product directly. It is available at several large retailers. Ask for the Product by name, as other brands are not silicone, and are rubber only, which will present a problem in most applications, and the repairs do not hold.

  6. Robert, I hope that you have found the web site at
    All product in stock and ready to ship!

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