Increased Production Means Prompt Delivery and Best Pricing for Champion Tape Customers

Premium Performance Silicone

DuraMask Powder Coating Tapes by Champion Tape

Champion Tapes high quality line of high temperature masking products featuring the finest silicone tapes in the world. More than 15 years coating experience drives our commitment to top quality products, service, dependability, honesty, and integrity.

Champion Tape wishes to bring you our outstanding line of high temperature powder coating masking products.

Try our Dura Mask™ Series, 2 mil polyester silicone tape, or the 1 mil polyimide for ultra high temp, both for removal with no residue. We carry glass cloth, Kapton®, Antistatic polyimide, acetate cloth, aluminum foil glass cloth and lead foil just to name a few. Our entire line of twenty plus varieties of high temperature powder coating tapes can be viewed online at under the powder coating tab. We stand behind our Dura Mask™ products believe them to be the absolute finest in the industry.


Order your goods in log form or slit to your specification.


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