Fact or Fiction? – The Consequences of Air Bubbles

Will Air Bubbles affect your quality, or is it just cosmetic?

The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no.   It involves a detailed analysis of the air pocket.  Is it caused by a defect in coating, or simply entrapped air in the winding of the rolls?  Our research has shown that a coating defect can lead to many quality problems, while the entrapment of air in the winding will only have an effect on very few applications; for example anodizing, and masking of certain types of coated and uncoated metals.  In general, an air bubble does not “dry out” adhesive, “decrease adhesion”, nor is it missing adhesive in the center of these spots.  It is simply created from an imprint of the adhesive to the backing around the air bubble.  The area inside the air bubble never adheres to the backing and therefore appears to have a different surface in the center of the pocket.  

That being said, it is much easier to sell a cosmetically appealing roll of tape, and therefore top companies ensure that all rolls are Air-Bubble free.  This provides you the largest range of applications to sell to.

Try a sample of Champion Tape LINK HERE


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