Champion Tape Introduces Industrial Dyed Film Line – Featuring Pigmented / Tinted / Dyed Polyester

New Product Release

Contact: Carmen Tirella


Phone 262.598.7400

For Immediate Release  

June 15, 2009

Champion Industrial Films – Tinted / Dyed / Pigmented Polyesters

Champion Tape announces a new line of tinted / dyed / pigmented Polyesters for applications where a clear film just isn’t enough.  Our tinted / dyed / pigmented films are pigmented using a polymerization process so as to allow for depth of color, and consistency across the material. This process allows the color to be absorbed into the film giving the material a much more even coating, and better performance as compared to typical printed films.

Champion Tape services many markets including: adhesive tapes, solar-control panels, viewing panels, edge reinforcement, Ink tray covers, flexible ducts, hot stamping, release films, book covers, pressure sensitive tapes, gaskets, abrasives, sail cloth, carriers, signs, industrial lamination, decorative metalization, shingle release, stationary, garment stiffeners, embossing, kites, ceramic castings, fiberglass moldings, Formica molding, carriers, stencils, registration systems, leader/trailer tape, hang tabs, belting, archival products, photo albums, sheet protectors, buttons, floral wrap, glitter, goggles, window film, die-strike sheets, badges, and drumheads/tambourines.

 This latest Champion Tape innovation is available in nearly endless configurations custom die cut to your specification or roll form. 


Ordering Details

Shipping date: Available June 15, 2009

Delivery: 10 weeks

How to purchase: Order directly from the Champion Tape factory by placement of a purchase order.

Contact Champion Tape for a consultation by an application engineer or you may request samples sent to your location.


Champion Tape, 7900 Durand Ave, Sturtevant, WI 53177, Phone 262.598.7400, FAX 262.598.7405,,


Company Information

Champion Tape manufactures and distributes customized specialty tape products, along with a broad range of standard and stocked products. We pride ourselves in understanding your demanding environment. Whether your challenge is the intensity of your application, the size or price of your order, or the lead-time requirement, Champion Tape is committed to providing you with excellent performance, excellent quality, and prompt delivery at an affordable price. Let us show you how we operate, and we will solve your adhesive tape needs. We invite you to take this opportunity now!


2 responses to “Champion Tape Introduces Industrial Dyed Film Line – Featuring Pigmented / Tinted / Dyed Polyester

  1. Please send some info as to the speciality Tape Industrial Dyed as to Colors sizes and Priciings Thank you Joseph lust

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